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HUD Houses


Midwest Premier Realty is certified by the US Department of Urban Development (HUD) to help buyers and investors acquire HUD houses from the government.



What Is a HUD House?

HUD acquires residential properties as a result of foreclosure on FHA insured mortgages. These properties are then offered for sale by HUD to recover losses they incurred by the foreclosure action.

How Are HUD Houses Sold?

These properties are sold by a closed-bid auction process. The houses are offered initially to owner-occupants (those intending to live in the property as their primary residence). If, after this initial priority period for owner-occupants, the properties remain unsold, they are then made available to all prospective buyers, including investors.

How Do I Bid On HUD Houses?

Only real estate brokers registered with HUD are allowed to place bids and submit contracts on HUD houses. Midwest Premier Realty is a HUD registered broker and can place bids on your behalf.


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