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FlowersMaking small improvements to your home can really add up... it doesn't take a massive renovation project to help improve the value of your home. Simply improving aspects of your house can really make a difference. It is a good idea to start with your house's exterior. This means getting rid of all the toys your kids haven't played with in months, the remnants of your various home improvement projects, and anything else that is just cluttering up your yard. Trim the hedges, keep the lawn mowed, and give all your flower beds a fresh layer of mulch. A polished landscape, even if it's simple, will instantly improve your house's curb appeal, and the value of your home. To shine up the exterior of your house even more, get it pressure washed. This is much cheaper than getting your home repainted or the siding replaced, and in many cases this is all it will take to get your home's exterior looking as good as new.

When considering ways to improve the value of your home, think about your last visit to a hotel. If you were happy about the quality of your room, was it because it looked clean and polished? If you weren't happy with your room, was it because you felt like the bathroom could have been a little cleaner, the carpet could have seemed a little newer, the paint on the walls could have been a little fresher? While you're in that mindset, try and see your house in the same light, armed with the knowledge that the cleaner your house looks and smells, the more valuable it will be. Start by organizing your house and relegating clutter to the trash or some out-of-sight storage. The tidier your house is, the larger it will appear, so declutter as much as possible. Apply a fresh coat of paint to your interior walls and wash your windows so you can't even tell they're there.

Finally, remember that improving the value of your home is all in the details, but it shouldn't have to break the bank. Shampooing or cleaning your carpets will make your house look and smell cleaner immediately, and doing this yourself will save you big bucks. You'd be surprised by how much better newly cleaned carpets can look! If you think the carpet needs to be replaced, first try to pull back a bit of the carpet in a closet or other inconspicuous place in your home and check out the floor beneath. If it's wood flooring, think about removing all of the carpet and refinishing the floor. Wood floor adds personality and value to your home, and wood floor that's lying under your aged carpet can often be refinished more inexpensively than re-carpeting your house. In the same way, worn or outdated cabinets can really bring down a kitchen, so consider refinishing them with a lighter finish, especially in dark or smaller kitchens, as this will give your kitchen the illusion of looking large and new.

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