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Ask the Agent: How Important Is Staging to Sell?

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

How Important Is Staging to Sell?

Whether or not to stage is top of mind for sellers these days. There really isn’t a consensus on whether staging your home for sale will increase the amount people will pay for it, but anecdotally it does appear to be the case. Today’s buyers have higher expectations, and staging definitely helps.

For example, assume a potential buyer will view your home online; staging your home for photos may make the difference between whether he or she will decide to tour your home—or not. In addition, a well-staged home can impact buyers during that “aha” moment when they decide your home “feels right”—or not.

Professional staging, however, can cost big money. You can declutter and clean your home yourself, but if you think it needs more, ask your real estate agent. He or she has experienced firsthand the impact of staging on selling prices.

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